Practice Sailing 1

Parco Naturale Regionale di Bracciano Martignano

So what does a person that wants to start sailing do?
Learning to sail is a good place to start.

When i grew up in Italy I learned to windsurf at the hotel Sol Palace in San Gineto Lido in Calabria, and from there small keel boats were an easy transition.

Every time we went to a lake or the beach if the possibility of renting a small sail boat or a windsurf was there, I would take advantage of it. A favorite was the Bracciano Lake near Rome, where we would swim , eat “pasta alla carbonara”, drink wine and sail. 

It has been a few decades since then, therefore I decided to take a refresher course.
I really needed to do this because I don’t know the English terminology for boat parts and sail .
One thing is to feel your way around on a small boat and another thing is being able to give instructions to other people on a boat.

After many years of procrastination and a lot of googling I found  the “Hudson River Community Sailing”  this is an ASA accredited sailing School on the bike path along the Hudson which I take
while I bike to work from 145th street in Manhattan to Chamber Street .


Attending this school I got my first accreditation ASA 101 or Basic Keel Boat. The dream is starting to become more real. Check out the second part of this blog for when i got my RYA accreditation in Antigua.


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