Sailing on Anarchy

Merit-25 Sailboat -Anarchy

Anarchy is a  Merit 25, this boats very popular on the West Coast. Fast racing boat not dissimilar from the J25, they are as fast but not as wet.

A sailor in the West Coast, Paul Kamen, after making a few modifications, took one of those merit 25 all the way to Hawaii and back. I limited myself to sailing near Citi Island but had a lot of fun never the less.

As much fun as it was fun sailing Anarchy, I wanted something more seaworthy, with a cabin where one could stand straight and a bathroom. I started looking around, my research took me to the classic small cruiser list on Atom voyages the site of circumnavigator James Baldwin. This is where I learned about  73 monohulled fiberglass sailboats, up to 32 feet in length, that with minor modifications can be suitable for making offshore voyages. It was not long after that i came across Aeolus my current boat, a Cape Dory 27.

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