Sailing From Atlantic City To Cape May

Th evening of October 26, looking at the weather report for October 27 2021, I was not so keen on getting back on the Atlantic to go to Cape May. The direction of the wind was good, coming from north, but it was supposed to be pretty rough out there with seas 5 to 10 feet and winds around 25/30 knots . A small craft advisory had been issued for small craft to stay put.

In the morning of October 27 things did not look so bad, the weather was decent and it was daytime so John and I decided to take our chances and venture out. Coming out of  the Atlantic City Harbor was pretty rough, we had to deal with some surf and some high waves caused by the shallows near the coast, we went farther off shore to get a more predictable wave pattern. While at the beginning it was a bit scary, with one particular wave rocking us around,  we got used to the motion, we had good wind on our back and proceeded at good speed towards Cape May. As the sun started setting we began to see the shores of Cape May, when we arrived at the harbor’s mouth it was already completely dark so as a measure of precaution we turned on the radar and navigated by chart plotter and radar towards the anchorage. It was the first time entering a big port at night as the captain of my own vessel.

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